Adoption: Smudge Purebred Golden Retriever

Looking for Forever Home for Purebred Golden Retriever

Smudge is a purebred male, neutered Golden Retriever who turns 1 year old on July 7.  He has been in our home since 8 weeks of age.  He has had puppy training and beginning doggie training classes through Whitney Doremus, who is the trainer with the Humane Society of Chittenden County.  He is great off leash on long hikes in the woods and has climbed Camels Hump numerous times with us.  Does best with 2 good active walks a day.  He is reliable with following on hikes.  Walks well on leash with a front ring harness (to prevent pulling).  Loves other dogs, good with cats and even our bunny (not regularly together and never without supervision).  Loves people and good with kids overall.  Smudge will growl and has snapped when prized possessions are involved and on occasion if he does not want to move in general.  We are re-locating him due to this issue and have learned that, with consistent training and guidance/purpose, he does MUCH better.  He is a very smart dog and easy to train. 

Smudge would do best with dog savvy person who enjoys training dogs.  He could have other canine companions (which he would love), the biggest issue is that he have a loving human companion who will have the time and commitment to help give him purpose and training consistently.  He has the makings of a great, loyal life long partner.  He is not best in a family situation with children, though he is fine with kids in general.

Smudge has had consistent high quality Vet care through River Cove and Long Trail Vet.  He is neutered.  He also tests positive for Lyme though he has not had any indications of being effected by that and has not been treated (which is current Vet protocol).  He has had Kidney fxn testing related to Lyme impact and results indicate totally normal function.  In very good health!  Asking original adoption fee from breeder:  $800.  If you are looking for a new forever doggie pal and fit the description above please give us a call!

Call Esther/Tony Palmer  878-1588