Adoptions of the Week


  • Age: 4 years old
  • Sex: Spayed Female
  • Breed: Mixed breed/Unknown
  • Energy Level: Medium/High
  • Size/Weight: 62 lbs
  • Arrival Date: 06-12-2012
  • Reason Here: Aggression towards small animals


Need a little spice in your life?  Maybe a little bit of Cinnamon will do the trick!  Though a bit stoic and reserved upon first meeting new people, don’t let Cinnamon’s first impression fool you- this sweet girl has a wonderfully playful side.  While not a fan of the felines, respectful dogs usually get approval in Cinnamon’s book; but she admits that she can become a little overly excited by the activity level of multi-dog play groups.  Ultimately though, Cinnamon’s favorite choice seems to be time spent with her human companions.  And, with her great leash skills, previous training and well-mannered disposition, we would wager a bet that you won’t want to spend a minute without this loyal friend by your side!


  • Age: 2 years old
  • Sex: Male
  • Breed: Polish dwarf rabbit
  • Size/Weight: 3.2 lbs
  • Arrival Date: 07-27-2012
  • Reason Here: owner had too many rabbits
  • Kid Friendly (All Ages)


Never owned a rabbit before? Meet Seymour. He’s a “bunny for dummies.” Not to imply that rabbits are low-maintenance pets; to the contrary, they’re quite particular about their living quarters and diet. We just mean that you don’t have to be a bunny behaviorist to understand what makes Seymour tick. He likes his veggies and greens. He loves the Camp Paw Paw kids who reach for him with paint-stained fingers. He loves to be swooped up and held. There aren’t many bunnies who can claim that! Seymour is also very cool because, as a Polish Dwarf, he’s one of the smallest rabbits you’ll ever meet. And he’s got spots! Yeah, you’re gonna like him. Come to HSCC and swoop this little guy up!


Age: 9 years old

  • Sex: Neutered Male
  • Breed: Domestic shorthair
  • Size/Weight: 18.2 lbs
  • Arrival Date: 05-24-2012
  • Reason Here: Owner could not afford vet care or food
  • Kid Friendly (5+)


Some people like kittens who climb curtains and do back flips into lamps. Other people prefer their lamps upright. Tank is definitely not into ninja warrior training. Rather, he’s working towards becoming a peaceful warrior, spending his days napping, meditating, and loving the universe. And boy does he radiate affection! If you’d like a little more Zen in your life, come by HSCC and pay quiet homage to Tank.