Best way to travel this summer with your Pet

Question: What is the best way to travel this summer with my Pet?

Answer: Did you know that 80% of pet owners say they travel with their pets, but only 1 in 5 uses a restraint. One of the biggest dangers while driving is a distracting untethered pet. Additionally, if there was an accident a 60-pound dog can become a 3000-pound projectile*. Not only can this cause injuries to you and your pet but the injured pet could escape into the path of traffic causing further damages. So there are 3 great options to travel safely with your pet this summer:

Canine Harness – Get a harness sized for your breed and clip it to a rear safety belt

Pet Crate – There are so many sizes out there for any type of animal. Some even fold up so it doesnt have to take up too much room when you dont need it.

Dog Guard – Try and automaker-approved barrier between the rear cargo area and back seat. This is great if you have multiple animal in tow.

*Source: Bark Buckle UP Foundation