Celebrate World Rabies Day with Special Deal

World Rabies Day is designed to raise awareness about both human and animal rabies. In honor of this, we are promoting a Special Combo Deal from Sept 23-27th ONLY: $49.99 Exam & Rabies vaccine.

The day is also about teaching everyone about the impact of rabies, how to prevent it and how to eradicate sources of the disease across the world. Since it started the day has educated over 100 million people and vaccinated over 3 million animals against the disease.

One person every ten minutes dies from rabies every year. Yet human rabies is completely preventable if adequate rabies treatment is given.

How do you know if you might have rabies? Signs you’ll want to look out for are numbness at the spot you were bitten, a high temperature and hallucinations. It can literally drive you mad.

Save the lives of your cats and dogs by keeping them current on their rabies vaccinations. Supervise them closely and have them examined if they fight with other animals or you find wounds on them. Without current vaccination, if they are exposed to rabies, they might become rabid and expose other people and animals.

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