Enjoy Easter without a Visit to the ER

Easter is a beautiful family focused event. However, some of our favorite Easter traditions can be dangerous for our pets, and it’s not just the chocolate you need to worry about.

Chocolate is primarily a problem for dogs, and the risk is two-fold. A dog isn’t going to open up the chocolate Easter bunny and eat the chocolate, they’re going to eat the wrapper as well.

This can lead to an obstruction and poisoning. The darker the chocolate — and the more they eat — the more dangerous it is.

Sugar-free gum or sweets are also a danger because they may contain a sweetener called xylitol.

It can plummet blood sugar level, cause a coma, and can have some other long-term effects on their liver as well that could be fatal.

Plastic grass poses a big risk for cats. We suggest you use the paper variety instead.