Get Rewards for Your Pet Purchases

Taking care of your pet takes work, but don’t worry—Zoetis Petcare Rewards
is here to help! Become a member of Zoetis Petcare Rewards and start
earning rewards that can help you save at your pet’s next visit to the
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*Here’s how it works:*


Submit a receipt to the Zoetis Petcare Rewards website.


Earn points for each purchase of an eligible Zoetis product.


Redeem rewards for a reloadable Visa Prepaid Card to pay for any product or
service at our practice.

Take a look at a few of the benefits that come with membership:

Enjoy exclusive offers on eligible Zoetis products. Save more when they buy more products that help keep their pets healthy
longer. Use rewards to save money at our practice with a reloadable Zoetis Petcare
Rewards Visa® Prepaid Card
Get rewarded faster and accumulate points across multiple pets
Submit, track, and manage reward activity through an easy-to-use website

Sign up today at

Buy eligible products and earn money for future veterinarian visits and
more. It’s that simple.