Help for Veterinary Bills

There are numerous charitable organizations out there that can help pay for a portion of medical treatments needed by pets belonging to people with limited incomes. Some organizations focus on medical conditions such as cancer or heart disease. Others serve pet owners in particular geographic regions or segments of the populations such as seniors or people with disabilities. Some offer assistance to specific breeds.
The following are a sampling of such that are registered 501c3 Foundations:

  • Big Hearts Fund – dogs/cats with heart disease

  • Cats in Crisis – kidney, thyroid, neurological, cardiac disease or mobility impairments

  • Diabetic Cats in Need – for foster homes and low-income owners

  • Dog and Cat Cancer Fund – defraying treatment expenses

  • Frankie’s Friends – emergency and specialty care

  • Handicapped Pets Foundation – mobility equipment

  • IMOM- life-threatening conditions

  • Labrador Life LIne – medical treatment or other special needs for labs

  • Mosby Foundation – sick, abuse and nelgected dogs

  • Onyx & Breezy Foundation – medical equipment, treatment, food and medications

  • Paws 4 A Cure – non-routine care of cats and dogs

  • Pet Fund – non-rountine medical expenses

  • Shakespeare Animal Fund – Emergency Care