January is Adopt A Rescued Bird Month

January 2012 marks the 11th annual observance of Adopt-A-Rescued-Bird month. The ASPCA originally proclaimed January as the official Adopt-A-Rescued-Bird month in 2002 to encourage bird-lovers to consider adopting a pet bird instead of buying one from a pet store.

But be warned! if you think a bird is an easy, low-maintenance pet, think again! Birds require just as much attention as other pets. Adopters need to consider the finances involved with vet visits, good-quality food, a proper-size cage, and toys. Adopters also need to realize that birds – especial those in the parrot family – thrive on social interaction. So if you are not home often, a bird might not be the right choice for you.

Still want to adopt a bird? If you do decide that you’d like to add a bird to your family this month,  check out this article on 10 Things You Need To Know Before Adopting a Bird.