July Pet Health Tips!

If furry friends had a choice, they’d always be by our side. But there are times we just have to be apart – which can put some pets in a panic. Sit, stay and read July’s tips for helping them cope with separation anxiety.

Did you know?

Pets pick up when we’re stressed, but how do we know when our four-legged friends are feeling frenzied? Watch out for these obvious signs (and some subtle clues) that pets are panicking from separation anxiety – and other stress triggers, too.

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When pets struggle with alone time, sometimes it can help to make their space more exciting and your time together more valuable. Boredom busters like puzzle toys and exercise are a great way to pass the time and take their mind off of the situation.

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keep calm & carry on

It can be heartbreaking to deal with an anxious pet, but there are many things you can try to soothe the sting of separation – including these seven natural solutions that cover everything from daily activity to calming scents.

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