Last Great Race on Earth: Iditarod 2019

March 2nd, marked the beginning of the 46th “Last Great Race on Earth”. The Iditarod starts in Anchorage, AK and ends 1,000 miles later in Nome, AK. This year 53 mushers will push their dogs (and themselves) through icy mountains, dense forests, windy tundras and rivers all while facing temperatures far below zero degrees and low visibility. Long hours of darkness and isolation mixed with potential wildlife threats makes this race debatably the hardest race to finish (let alone win). The athletes that participate in this endurance race are predominantly Alaskan huskies. They are born and bred to race and live in harsh, unrelenting conditions. They have internal drives to run and pull like not many other dogs can.

We at Long Trail Veterinary Center, know that there are no harder working dogs than these sled dogs. As apart of a summer internship, I personally worked with some of the people in Alaska that have signed up for this treacherous race of mental and physical stamina. We will be following this years Iditarod in a three part series!

Longtime musher, Linwood Fiedler (who is actually Vermont born and raised) will be participating in his 30th consecutive Iditarod. Check out Linwood on his official musher’s page:

One of his handlers, and a personal friend of mine, Alison Lifka, will be competing in her first Iditarod this year. She will be racing 14 of Linwood’s dogs (8 of which I met as puppies). Check out Alison’s page:

Meet some of the four-legged athletes they will be racing:

For more information about the Iditarod, check out:

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