Lost Dog – Shelburne Area


·      Last seen (where) :  3/11/13 1PM.  Area of The Lodge at Shelburne Bay / Along railroad tracks and Shelburne Bay waterfront at Shelburne/South Burlington line, VT

·      Name of pet: Barlow

·      Age: ~6 yrs

·      Gender (spayed/neutered?):  neutered

·      Description (please include short/medium/long haired): short hair.

Tall. Sleek build. Boxer mix with Dane-type face and pointed, stand-

up ears

·      Colors/Markings:  Body is brown with black brindle.  White legs, belly

and tip of tail. White on face

·      Collar/Tag: black with dog bones. tags for Rabies Vax and Shelburne


·      Distinquishing markings:  Body is brown with black brindle

Contact Owner:   802-881-9413  Elizabeth, Pine Haven Shores, Shelburne

Barlow Flyer