New 1/2 Size Vaccine to Help with Reactions!

Does your dog commonly has vaccine reactions no matter what you do??!! You are in luck!

We are super excited to announce the launch of a new ULTRA™ Duramune® – the first and only premium 1/2 mL vaccine line for dogs of all sizes.

•       The first ever 0.5 mL canine vaccine line

•       Offers a more comfortable injection with 50% less volume

•       Made with next-generation PureFil™ Technology, designed to reduce vaccine reactions by reducing extraneous proteins and cellular debris

•       Proven safe in a 675-dog field trial conducted in private practices

•       The same high level of efficacy and potency that has made Duramune a trusted name for 30 years

•       Combinations more closely aligned with AAHA Canine Vaccine Guidelines

Please let us know if you would be interested using this vaccine in the future. If we get enough interest we will be more than happy to carry it!