New Monopoly Token: Cat

After a monthlong Facebook contest called Save Your Token, voters gave the silver iron the boot — and elected to replace it with a feline figurine. The cat token won 31 percent of the fan vote, beating out other charming options like toy robot, guitar, helicopter and diamond ring.

Now all you canine fans out there, don’t be jealous. Not only did voters get the chance to pick the new token; they also campaigned to save their favorite classic piece. And guess which one they banded together to save? The dog, of course! The adorable Scottie token got out of jail free with 29 percent of the “save vote,” proving more popular than pieces like the car, shoe and wheelbarrow.

If you’re sad to see the iron go, make sure you hit the toy store to buy the existing version of the game before the middle of this year. But if you’re clamoring for the cat token, you’ll only have to wait a few short months for the kitty to pass go.

We’re so excited about this news that we started reminiscing about all our other favorite board games that feature animals. Time for family game night? We think so!