Pet Adoptions of the Week

*   Age: ~1 year old
*   Sex: Neutered Male
*   Breed: Mixed
*   Energy Level: High
*   Size/Weight: 26 lbs
*   Arrival Date: 02-22-2013
*   Reason Here: Stray
*   Special Considerations: None


Happy, happy, joy, joy! Meet Ridley-he will be excited to meet you! In fact, this optimistic young dog thinks most things are worthy of a certain amount of good-natured enthusiasm! Arriving at HSCC as a stray, we do not have much information about Ridley’s previous life. Fortunately, the prospect of making all new friends doesn’t seem to phase Ridley in the slightest. Quite the social butterfly, Ridley has enjoyed meeting all sorts of new people and adventuring around town with our staff. We have no doubt that Ridley will make a lovely companion for those who appreciate a little friendly exuberance and a good hound-y bay!


Age: 3 years old
*   Sex: Spayed Female
*   Breed: Domestic shorthair
*   Size/Weight: 9.8 lbs
*   Arrival Date: 02-28-2013
*   Reason Here: Owner passed away
*  Kid Friendly (5+)

Cats, yep. Kids, yep. Dogs? Yep! This gal is one cool peanut … she knows how to work a crowd. And she never wants to be far from the crowd. Peanut just loves company, and she’s got that special, purring charm that says, “I wouldn’t want to be hanging out with anybody else!” The bi-colored eyes only make her appeal that much stronger.  Peanut’s currently chilling in her communal cat room, expertly networking with everyone who stops by, crowdsourcing for her next happy home.