PMI Nutrition International voluntary recall of Mazuri, LabDiet & AquaMax feed

PMI Nutrition International is expanding its voluntary recall of Mazuri and LabDiet feed to include additional varieties of those brands and varieties of AquaMax feed due to the potential for elevated vitamin D levels.

A company release states that elevated vitamin D levels may cause death or otherwise be harmful to animals and fish if fed for extended periods, potentially resulting in lack of interest in eating, weight loss and possible joint stiffness. The first recalls, initiated in early July, were prompted by a “small number of customer complaints which involved animal illness and small bird and guinea pig mortality.” The company claims that no complaints have been received on the most recently recalled products.

The affected products were manufactured at a Richmond, Ind., plant and distributed domestically and internationally to several countries. Recalled products can be identified by their lot numbers laser printed on the back and near the top of each bag of feed. To view the list of PMI Nutrition International recalled Mazuri, LabDiet and AquaMax products, go to