Sporting & Working Dogs

Long Trail Veterinary Center prides itself as one of the only veterinary practices in New England that has a genuine knowledge and passion for sporting and working dogs. After 23 years of training and judging dogs, we have created a practice that best understands that what we do with our dogs is a specialized lifestyle and commitment.

If you or your club/association have been looking for a sporting, and working-oriented practice we would love to hear from you and determine the services that best fit your needs. Our "real time" in house technology and access to tele-medicine will enable you to make the most out of your visits or phone consultations.

Here are some examples of the specific services we can offer:

In addition, if your Club or Association would be interested in a related organizational presentation we are available to arrange that with advance notice.

The staff at Long Trail Veterinary Center looks forward to providing you this uniquely focused service for years to come.