Traveling with your Pet? Dont Wait to Make Plans.

The holidays can indeed be stressful for many of us. International travel with a pet during the holidays just adds to the mix. If you are traveling internationally make sure you have already seen your veterinarian for all the necessary travel documents as it does take time to fill out the forms and get approval. Otherwise make an appt ASAP! Domestic travel requirements are completely different than the necessary International documentation.

REMEMBER, entry requirements are set by the individual country, not the US Government! Entry requirements can change suddenly in response to disease reports or other reasons, and sometimes changes occur without much advance notice! Almost all problems can be prevented if the owner and the veterinarian check with the USDA, APHIS, VS, New England Area Office and the USDA international travel (IREGS) web pages first.

Useful Pet Travel Resources Include:

USDA, APHIS, Resources:
Travel with my pet

Frequently asked questions about pet travel abroad

International Animal Export Regulations (IREGS) down to alphabetical list of countries)

The Veterinary Services, New England Area Office Web page:

US Department of State:
Websites of Foreign Embassies in the US: