Up for Adoption: Bandit and Sasha!

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  • Age:3 years old
  • Sex:Spayed Female
  • Breed:Mixed breed/Unknown
  • Energy Level:High
  • Size/Weight:43 lbs
  • Arrival Date:08-03-2012
  • Reason Here: Animal control- Owner could no longer care for her


Wahoooo!! Meet Sasha! … But consider yourself warned: her party girl personality is infectious. Sasha’s got a thirst for fun and excitement, and she wants to take you out on the town! That said, she’s more than just a social butterfly. Sasha has a good head on her shoulders, and enjoys learning new tricks and skills. If you’ve got the enthusiasm to match her fun side, you’re going to find Sasha a fast friend. Debbie Downers need not apply!


  • Age:4 years old
  • Sex:Neutered Male
  • Breed:Domestic shorthair
  • Size/Weight:11.8 lbs
  • Arrival Date:04-20-2012
  • Reason Here:New baby in household, allergies
  • Kid Friendly (8+)
  • Cat Friendly


Folks say that black cats get the short shrift at shelters because our puny eyes have a hard time distinguishing their adorable features. Something about … we can’t see facial definition with all of that light-absorbing dark fur, and that makes black cats less appealing to us. We don’t know; we’re not pyschologists. But we are animal people, and we do know that shying away from black cats is utter bunk. Take Bandit for example. He’s currently our longest-term resident, having arrived in April. If Bandit were an orange tabby, he’d have been frolicking in someone’s living room months ago. Because gosh darn it, he is one of the most outgoing, engaging, affectionate cats on our adoption floor. He loves to talk, perhaps because he got so tired of people ignoring him in his dark fur that he decided to speak up and TELL them how interesting he is. We hear him saying, “So I’ve got a light-absorbing face. What about my love-absorbing heart?”