Up For Adoption: Duke and Pumpkin!


  • Age: 4 1/2 years old
  • Sex: Neutered Male
  • Breed: Mixed breed/Unknown
  • Energy Level: High
  • Size/Weight: 66 lbs
  • Arrival Date: 11-16-2012
  • Reason Here: Owner did not have enough time for him


Have a love of the outdoors and a fancy for adventure?  If yes, then Duke may be just the canine companion you’ve been seeking!  Exploring the woods?  Taking a road trip?  Meeting new friends, both human and canine?  Duke’s only question: what are we waiting for?  An upbeat and friendly guy with all the benefits of an established canine, whatever the plan may be, Duke’s ready to be at your side.  So if a loyal canine co-pilot is what your adventuers have been missing, perhaps the next stop in you travels should be to pay this lovely dog a visit!


  • Age: 7 years old
  • Sex: Spayed Female
  • Breed: Domestic longhair
  • Size/Weight: 9 lbs
  • Arrival Date: 10-31-2012
  • Reason Here: Stray
  •  Kid Friendly (13+)


True to form; Pumpkin arrived on Halloween day pretty as a pie.  However, her long orange coat is rare in the feline field.  Only around 10% of orange cats are female; meaning this “red-head” is not so natural.  Being unique is Pumpkin’s favorite thing and she’ll fit well into any home that loves friendly, independent kitties.  Come meet this Cinderella before the clock strikes midnight or you may miss out!