Up for Adoption! Shirley and Lucy


  • Age:2 years old
  • Sex:Female
  • Breed:Rat-Standard
  • Arrival Date:09-25-2012
  • Reason Here:Landlord would not allow
  • Kid Friendly (8+)


Is that a … rat?!  Yep, Shirley’s a rat, and she’s darn proud of it. Evenif many of our visitors pass by her rat home with their faces scrunched up. There goes the neighborhood …  We can tell you that the cats who live across from Shirley are quite delighted to have her there. And really, it’s best not to judge ‘til you’ve walked a mile in Shirley’s tiny shoes. She hasn’t had it easy. She was relinquished to HSCC with her best girlfriend, Laverne. Poor Laverne took ill recently and didn’t make it. We worried about how Shirley would hold up, but she’s proved resilient, keeping herself busy and maintaining a hopeful outlook on life. We’ve got a lot of respect and admiration for this little gal. Would you like to be Shirley’s new best friend? C’mon … give a rat a chance!



  • Age:6 years old
  • Sex:Spayed Female
  • Breed:Domestic shorthair
  • Size/Weight:14.4 lbs
  • Arrival Date:08-15-2012
  • Reason Here:Owner in poor health
  • Kid Friendly (8+)
  • Dog Friendly


I Love Lucy, anyone? We certainly do; and Fred, Ethel and Ricky would have to agree with us. Relinquished to HSCC when her owner fell sick, Lucy is ambitiously looking for her second chance at stardom, and her resolve to be a performer never falters. So what if one eye is smaller than the other, she needs to lose a few pounds and she’s missing a couple of teeth—when one is meant to be a star, nothing can stand in the way!  Our very own in-house celebrity will win you over with her charm. Can you make her big dreams come true?


For more information on Shirley and Lucy, or other loving companions who are looking for homes visit,  www.chittendenhumane.org .