Up for Adoption: Wyatt & Madeline


  • Age: ~1 year old
  • Sex: Neutered Male
  • Breed: Mixed breed/Unknown
  • Energy Level: High
  • Size/Weight: 40 lbs
  • Arrival Date: 02-05-2013
  • Reason Here: Animal control- Stray


You’ve no doubt heard it before: “Shelter dogs come with a lot of baggage … they’re emotionally damaged.” One look at Wyatt’s big grin and you’ll feel as sure as we do that there’s nothing emotionally damaged about this guy. In fact, we’d sooner call him a blank slate. Friendly, bouncy, happy-go-lucky: check, check and check. On the other side of things, Wyatt has zero training (we said he was a blank slate!). But he’s very eager to learn—especially if there are treats involved. Think of Wyatt this way: he’s ready to fill his slate with lots of love and learning and positive new experiences. And we promise he packs light.



  • Age: 3 years old
  • Sex: Spayed Female
  • Breed: Domestic shorthair
  • Size/Weight: 10.8 lbs
  • Arrival Date: 01-17-2013
  • Reason Here: Not a good fit for household
  • Kid Friendly (8+)
  • Dog Friendly


Madeline may be a cat, but she’s not into the rat race. She came from a home with a lot of hustle and bustle, and it just got to her, plain and simple. She enjoys peace and quiet—time to reflect—and her previous family recognized that their home was a poor fit for an introverted gal. Upon a first meeting, Madeline comes off as a bit shy … but with some patient coaxing, she soon reveals a big heart. If you can offer a quiet home and plenty of peaceful lap time, Madeline would love to move right in. She’ll bloom in the right environment, and you’ll gain the reward of unconditional love.