WCAX Interview: Pet Evacuation Tips

When preparing for evacuation the more your can be prepared in advance and calm, the calmer your pet will be. They can sense your anxiety. We reccomend that you try to take your pet with if at all possible as sometimes you are not able to get back into your home for days. Try to call ahead to the shelter/hotel you might be staying at to see if they do take pets and/or your vet to set up boarding. If not avaialble, try to have a friend or family member from outside the area take them until your can return. Or worse case scenario leave them in a safe room with plenty of water/food and put a note on your door so rescuers know they are there.

Here is the link to the interview we did with WCAX on this topic.

Here are a list of items you should consider having prepared in your pet kit:

1. Copy of Health records/vaccines
2. current pet photo
3. Leash
4. food/water for atleast a week
5. food dishes
6. any medications
7. ID tags
8. contact numbers for yourself and your veterinarian
9. Crate/Carrier