Winter Still Isn't Here Just Yet?!

Did you know that when you give your heartworm tablet it actually covers the pet for the month before not the current 30 days?

Insects and parasites can still survive and transmit disease as weather gets cold. It’s especially important to stay vigilant about parasite protection, especially when temperatures fluctuate from day to day.

Fleas can survive in temps down to the 30’s, ticks to 45o – lower if unsustained!
Fleas and eggs can survive on a warm host or in a temperate area, like a garage or patio.
Wild animals can shed parasites close to home, leaving them dormant and waiting for pets.

Dormant mosquito larvae can develop in a few days of 50 degree temps.
Intestinal parasites can be transmitted by catching and eating infected birds or mice.
Worms may die, but eggs can live; pets in muddy conditions may pick them up on their paws.

So until we really have a number of cold spells it is our recommendation if you arent going to continue preventatives all year round that you do continue to do so.

Check out this MAP on reported cases in Vermont for Dogs and Cats.